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Combining the biggest and best in Australian sheep, lamb & wool

Keen to explore and uncover the best in the Australian sheep, lamb & wool?

August 2024 is shaping up to be the place to be with two epic Australian sheep events in the same week:

  • Sheepvention 4 & 5 August in Hamilton, Victoria

  • LambEx 7-9 August 2024 in Adelaide, South Australia

The timing and schedule of the two major sheep and lamb forums has created an enviable opportunity for interested parties from abroad to combine both events in an Australian sheep and lamb-fest!

International sheep producers can benefit from the sheer size and scale of Sheepvention in Hamilton, Victoria with a focus on sheep breeders and rural expo components before crossing the border over to Adelaide in South Australia for two days of progressive and immersive talks at LambEx.

LambEx Chair Jason Schulz said the timing of the two events has created an incredible opportunity for international delegates to combine their trip and maximise their exposure to the Australian sheep, lamb and wool industry.

“August 2024 is shaping up to be epic. Across LambEx and Sheepvention there will be innovation at the fore, an opportunity to put a finger on the pulse of the Australian industry and a chance to connect with Australian producers, processors and breeders at both events,” said Mr Schulz.

“LambEx is the pinnacle event in Australian sheep, lamb and wool bringing together the industry across the entire supply chain meaning fellow producers from other countries can interact, learn and share knowledge with some of the best in the industry,” he said.

“As producers, the learnings that can be gained from our international counterparts is immeasurable, and with favourable alignment of Australia’s two biggest sheep, lamb and wool events we are certain there will be many international producers that will be interested in making the most of this opportunity,” said Jason.

“Delving into the inner workings of Australian sheep, lamb and wool will of course be an attractive option for our New Zealand counterparts and with the timing of Sheepvention as well we hope this increases the appeal to further abroad including South Africa, Chile and South-east Asia,” he said.

“On top of that, international delegates can combine iconic Australian experiences into the mix such as an Australian Rules Football game (AFL) on the Friday night in Adelaide and close proximity to some of Australian’s best wine regions in Victoria and South Australia,” he said.

“We hope to see a strong international contingent at LambEx and Sheepvention and the message is definitely that you are welcome with open arms,” said Jason.

Sheepvention, run by the Hamilton Pastoral and Agricultural Show, has established itself as the biggest farming event in Victoria bringing together farmers and agricultural enthusiasts for two days in an all-encompassing event.

Sheepvention President David Botterill said the beauty of the two events aligning provided exposure to the diversity of Australia’s sheep and lamb industry.

“In terms of getting a close look at Australian sheep, lamb and wool you can’t really go past these two major events,” he said.

“At Hamilton, we attract around 20,000 people to Sheepvention from the surrounding regions with a strong focus on exhibiting sheep and breeds with the Western District Sheep Show and Ram sale as part of proceedings whilst LambEx takes a more holistic view of the industry,” he said.

“The two events really complement each other and offer something different so it is a perfect time if international producers have been thinking of coming over to check things out,” said David.

“And to be honest, who wouldn’t want to indulge in a week-long sheep and lamb-fest coming from another country? We would love to see producers from other countries joining us to learn and share knowledge,” he said.

Start planning your journey today to combine two of Australia’s biggest sheep, lamb and wool forums.

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LambEx   Natalie Geard    m. 0407 862 135

Sheepvention   Emmelie Nijskens   m. 0409 039 086  e.

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