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Friday 9 August

7.00am Breakfast

7.30am Seminars commence

Grab your breakfast goodness before immersing yourself in one of the following seminars. Select one seminar to attend when registering for LambEx 2024 or be part of the French Butchery Masterclass with chef Duncan Welgemoed in the Trade Hall.

Seminar 1
Latest Research & Innovation

Sponsored by Sheep Industry Fund of South Australia
Seminar host: Jane Kellock, LambEx

  • The power of the potential to quantify pain

       Dan Barratt - University of Adelaide

  • The genomics evolution in sheep

  •        Dr Alex Ball - Rural Analytics

  • New rules of engagement with ewe lambs

       Jason Trompf - Lambs Alive

Sheep 2 Rachael Lenehan.jpg

Seminar 2
Industry Business Matters

Sponsored by Sheep Industry Fund of South Australia
Seminar host: Leo Redden, LambEx

  • The Australian lamb industry rollercoaster

       Angus Gidley-Baird - Rabobank

  • The live export reality

  •        Dr Peter Barnard - Economist

  • Widening the profit margins in prime lamb production

       Sandy McEachern - Aggregate Ag


Seminar 3
Mastering Sheep Production - Unveiling the secrets of sheep

Sponsored by MSD Animal Health
Seminar host: Jim Walsh, MSD Animal Health

90 minute workshop covering the mysteries of sheep behaviour and production. 

  • Understanding the psychology of sheep

  • Cutting edge methods & technologies

  • Optimising productivity & efficiency

  • Empowering sheep producers to shine globally


French Butchery 

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