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Quality production

The AMPC LambEx Feedlot Carcase Competition provides Australian sheep producers an opportunity to benchmark your sheep genetics. The MSA cuts-based graded commercial focused feedlot competition enables sheep producers to put their genetic profile to the test and be recognised for lamb growth and eating quality with no breed parameters, simply measuring what makes a profitable lamb. Same conditions, same feed, same feedlot and aggregated results to demonstrate breeding profile within the parameters of normal operations.

Feedlot conditions

Groups of 50 vendor bred 2023 woolly lambs will be placed under the same conditions and feed ration for 60 days at the Thornby Feedlot in Sanderston, South Australia before being assessed and graded in accordance with MSA cuts-based grading standards. The AMPC LambEx Feedlot Carcase Competition is an opportunity for commercial breeders to be rewarded for their identified breeding lines within the parameters of their normal operations and activity. All awards are aggregated over the group entered, with no individual lamb awards.

National benchmarking

Sheep producers around Australia have rallied around the AMPC LambEx Feedlot
Carcase Competition with 1800 lambs representing 16 different breeds to converge
on Thornby Feedlot in December 2023. Producers will have the opportunity to
benchmark their genetics and lamb breeding against their peers whilst getting a
much deeper understanding of what is required to produce Australia’s premium
lamb. Thornby Feedlot is now at capacity and entries closed in October 2023.

Awards & recognition

The AMPC LambEx Feedlot Carcase Competition Awards and recognition will be announced at LambEx24 at the Adelaide Convention Centre, 7-9 August 2024. Awards will be based feedlot performance and MSA graded carcase merit including aggregated Feedlot Awards, Carcase Awards and Overall Combined Awards. Thanks and appreciation to LambEx major partners for supporting the competition including AMPC (naming rights), Thomas Foods International, Thornby Feedlot and Meat & Livestock Australia.

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