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Sheep producers respond in numbers in the LambEx AMPC Feedlot Carcase Competition

A total of 1800 sheep across 15 different breeds have been entered in the first Australian commercial focused lamb feedlot carcase initiative. Entries will arrive at Thornby Feedlot in South Australia on 1 December 2023.

LambEx Chair and South Australian sheep producer Jason Schulz said the response by producers to benchmark sheep genetics is significant amongst current conditions in Australia’s sheep and lamb market.

“The response has been really pleasing particularly with representation and entries from a cross section of states across Australia. Entries were actually closed two weeks early such was the demand,” said Jason.

“Producers have really embraced and appreciated the chance to profile their genetics and put themselves up against other producers from across Australia and it has been fantastic to be able to fill the Thornby pens,” he said.

“Aggregated results will inform and substantiate breeding profiles to detemine what makes profitable lambs presenting a great opportunity for lamb producers,” Jason said.

Owner and manager of Thornby Feedlot Alex McGorman said that the response to the feedlot competition exceeded expectations with extra capacity added after entries started rolling in.

“Initial capacity allocated was approximately 1200 lambs and based on the national response we had to increase feedlot allocation up to 1800 to accommodate,” he said.

“Given the current state of play, the incentive for producers to combine lamb sales and also benchmark their production and capacity at the same time has been really appealing,” said Alex.

“Under the same conditions and feed regime, it will be interesting to see the results across a combination of breed types and entries. We are looking forward to welcoming entries in December and tracking their progress across the 60 days,” he said.

Research and development corporation Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) has also come on board as naming rights sponsor of the LambEx AMPC Feedlot Carcase Competition lending their support in measuring and developing initiatives to improve the red meat processing sector.

AMPC Chief Executive Chris Taylor said the commercial focused feedlot competition was a perfect fit for AMPC to be involved in profiling and determining desirable yield attributes for the lamb sector.

“The LambEx Feedlot Carcase Competition is a great initiative to delve deeper into what makes a profitable lamb and we are pleased to support and profile recognised production qualities that enhance and improve lamb eating quality” said Chris.

“Benchmarking provides invaluable insight and analysis in producer performance and this contribution in developing desirable lamb genetic profiles will be immeasurable,” he said.

“Awards and recognition will be announced at LambEx 2024 in Adelaide 7-9 August 2024 and we look forward to recognising industry performance across MSA graded carcase merit in aggregated results,” said Chris.

The AMPC LambEx Feedlot Carcase Competition has been a collaborative effort between key partners AMPC, Thomas Foods International, Thornby Feedlot and Meat & Livestock Australia to deliver a Meat Standards Australia (MSA) cuts-based graded commercial focused lamb feedlot carcase competition across Australia.

See LambEx AMPC Feedlot Carcase Competition for full competition information and details. 


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