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Lambex Feedlot Carcase Competition

LambEx Feedlot Carcase Competition – profiling the eating quality of Australian lamb.

LambEx is partnering with Thomas Foods International, Thornby Feedlot and Meat & Livestock Australia to deliver a Meat Standards Australia (MSA) cuts-based graded commercial focused lamb feedlot carcase competition across Australia.

The new initiative, the LambEx Feedlot Carcase Competition will commence with delivery to Thornby Feedlot in December 2023 and culminate with award acknowledgment at LambEx 7-9 August 2024.

The LambEx Feedlot Carcase Competition will enable sheep producers to put their genetic profile to the test and be recognised for lamb growth and eating quality with no breed parameters, simply measuring what makes a profitable lamb.

LambEx Carcase Competition will place grouped stock submissions under the same management, climate and feed regime for the purpose to be able to determine feedlot response, condition and reflect the true calibre of genetic breeding.

Recognition will be based on feedlot performance and Meat Standard Australia (MSA) graded carcase merit including aggregated Feedlot Awards, Carcase Awards and Overall Combined Awards.

The LambEx Feedlot Carcase Competition is an opportunity for commercial breeders to be rewarded for their identified breeding lines within the parameters of their normal operations and activity. All awards are aggregated over the group entered, with no individual lamb awards.

LambEx Feedlot Carcase Competition terms and conditions:

  • Enter 50 vendor bred 2023 born woolly lambs

  • Delivery early December 2023 to Thornby Feedlot – Sanderston, South Australia

  • Entry weigh between 35-42kgs curfew live-weight

  • Lambs purchased by Thornby on delivery at the current per kilogram market rate

  • Lambs to be feedlot for 60 days & processed at Thomas Foods International Stawell (Grid 22-28kgs DW)

  • Collaborative freight to the feedlot can be arranged at entrants’ expense

  • Carcases to be assessed under Meat Standards Australia (MSA) guidelines.

Awards will be acknowledged at LambEx 7-9 August 2024, Adelaide Convention Centre and will include:

  • Feedlot Awards – compliance, highest average daily gain (ADG) whilst on feed, highest wool clip value and health & resilience.

  • Carcase Awards – highest dressing percentage for group, highest MSA indexing group as an indicator of eating quality, highest value group of carcases and most compliant

  • Overall Awards – combined feedlot and carcase performance awards

Commercial breeders need to register their interest before 1 November 2023 at LambEx Feedlot Carcase Competition Registrations.


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